Long Nights Short Mornings Teaser Trailer – SXSW

Long Nights Short Mornings Teaser Trailer – SXSW


An examination of the romantic life of a young man in New York City and his sometimes fleeting, sometimes profound experiences with the women he encounters.

Starring: Shiloh Fernandez, Ella Rae Peck, Paten Hughes, Layla Khoshnoudi, Christine Evangelista, Cassandra Freeman, Helen Rogers, Stella Maeve, Natalia Dyer, Ebonee Noel, Addison Timlin, Louis Balletta
Written and Directed by Chadd Harbold
Produced by Dan Berk & Robert Olsen, Alex Sagalchik, Michael W. Gray
Executive Producers Evan Sacks, Kevin Kinsella, Martin Sprock, Rob Moran, Kevin Iwashina, Chadd Harbold
Director of Photography David Feeney-Mosier
Production Designer Luke Green
Edited by Bryan Gaynor
Original Music by Redding Hunter
Song: “Scarlet and Grey” by Peter and the Wolf


The movie will Premiere this weekend at SXSW and Shiloh will attend the March 14 screening!

Screening Dates for Long Nights Short Mornings at SXSW Announced!

Screening Dates for Long Nights Short Mornings at SXSW Announced!

As said earlier, Long Nights Short Mornings will Premiere at the SXSW Film Festival this year and the screening are now announced! You also get the chance to watch several films from passionhd and puremature. And don’t forget about fantasy-hd.tv!

The movie will premiere on Saturday, March 12 at 1:45PM at the Alamo Lamar A in Austin. 2 additional screenings will take place on Monday, March 14 at 7:00PM at the Alamo Ritz 2 and on Wednesday, March 16 at 11:30AM at the Alamo Lamar B.

Be sure to check out the official page on SXSW site.

“Long Nights Short Mornings” To Premiere at SXSW!

“Long Nights Short Mornings” To Premiere at SXSW!

It recently be announced that Shiloh’s upcoming movie Long Nights Short Mornings will premiere at the SXSW Film Festival which is running from March 11 to March 19. I’ve heard a few nubiles will be attending. They are 18 only girls or older of course. The exact premiere date has yet to be announced but in the meantime the official SXSW site released the movie synopsis:

James breaks it off with Katie, but feels bad about it. He doesn’t like hurting people. At least he’s seeing Monica tonight, she’s always fun. He doesn’t connect with her though, not like with Sarah – but they’re just friends. He was close with Natalie too, until she moved to LA. That reminds him, he’s going to work with that actress, Anna something. She’s probably too famous to talk to him though. And besides, Lily should be back soon and he really wants to see her. Sometimes he misses Lorraine, but thinking about her just makes him sad. Whenever he feels lonely, he texts Rapunzel – that’s not her name, he just can’t remember it. He should really delete her from his phone. But he can’t.

Exclusive Shiloh F. Source Interview with Shiloh Fernandez!

Exclusive Shiloh F. Source Interview with Shiloh Fernandez!

It happened! To celebrate the 5 years of the site and http://x-arthd.com, Shiloh was kind enough to do an exclusive interview! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer Shiloh!

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
I was lucky enough to grow up in a town that had a wonderful program called SPACE that my parents enrolled me in early in my life. These incredible women Paulette Arnold and Laurel Near run the program and my little brother and sister just did their summer play! SPACE is a fantastic program for youths that offers dance and theater, writing and other creative outlets. I imagine that helped push me into artistic endeavors but I remember being in about 9th grade and seeing a film that changed my life. I never had TV or watched many films growing up and my Dad encouraged an imagination that ran wild and free among the sprawling hills behind my house. The film I caught is called “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”. It sort of gave me a window to a bigger world and I connected with a lot of what those characters were going through and the town they were living in. It allowed me to realize that maybe I could express life through film for a living.

What is the best and worst thing about being an actor?
I don’t really know about the best/worst scenario. This is what I do for a living and as with any job there are positive and negative aspects that we all go through. I feel very lucky and blessed to be able to do something that is as universally enjoyed as film is. Something most of us look at and can learn from, enjoy, lose ourselves in and potentially grow from. I also think traveling and schedule can be a double edged sword. I love it but leaving loved one’s so often can take a large toll as well.

Out of all the characters you’ve played,which is your most favorite? Your least favorite?
I always hope to feel like the character I’m playing at the time is my favorite — but to be honest, that’s not always true. Some of my favorite characters are in films I’ve signed up for that haven’t been made, which can be (very) frustrating.. I loved making LONG NIGHTS SHORT MORNINGS and playing that part even though it was pretty taxing. He isn’t the most stand up of folks either. I think one of my favorite parts was the first thing I ever did, COLD CASE. I love Veena Sud’s writing and Valentino was a character I wish I could have found out more about. My favorite roles come from my experiences on set and working with the people I am, that really the make or break of it all.

What’s the most memorable scene you’ve done?
The most memorable scene was probably from Cadillac Records. I was whisked to set after getting my hair cut and immediately embraced by Adrien Brody. He called me little brother and made me feel more than welcome.. I then spoke to the director about what was going on in the scene before stepping into the hall to bring Beyonce into the room. She asked what Darnell, the director had said (which was that our characters had sex) and I had to try and be as polite as possible while explaining it to her. And checking behind me for Jay Z. Very surreal. Also – they had such different styles but I learned so much from them both.

How do you spend your free time?
I really enjoy reading – truly. I enjoy playing music a lot as well and that’s sort of something I’ve been doing more and more lately. I am blessed with such great friends that any time spent speaking with them is a good day in my book.

How do you prepare for a role?
Hopefully it comes collaboratively – speaking and studying all those involved. I feel like I’ve leaned too much on life experience rather than creating new characters – which I want to change.

How Queen Of Carthage came around? Did Graham Candy inspired you to write the story?
I was in New Zealand (for Evil Dead) feeling kind of down about some of the work I was doing. As I was walking home one night I happened to hear Graham singing. We really hit it off and I really just found him to be a fascinating guy. I told him I was going to write a movie for him. My friend Mardana Mayginnes and I took a week or two and got it down on paper. He wasn’t an actor and I don’t think he has any ambitions to be but he’s incredible in the film. Such a unique voice – it is an experience I’m so grateful for and though it’s a strange, disturbing film – I’m happy it’s coming out September 1st!

Blanco wasn’t picked up but if given the opportunity would you be ready to commit to a series?
Blanco was such a special opportunity for me, such a fantastic role with such a fantastic creator. I am absolutely open to another show though I haven’t found something I’ve loved as much so far.

What are you looking for in your next projects for the coming years?
I hope to hone in on more projects like LONG NIGHTS SHORT MORNINGS. I feel like I’ve taken a lot of work that ultimately doesn’t represent me. The reasons I have taken projects vary and I hope to be more selective with who I work with and why I take jobs. Start to take things that will help me grow as an actor and a man.

Can you tell us more about your new project « Long Nights Short Mornings »?
I don’t think I should to be honest – it’s the best and Chadd Harbold the director is the best.

Any books and movies that you liked lately? Music?
I really love reading and there’s a few that have come up recently through the latest projects. One is HE by Robert Johnson and other is IRON JOHN by Robert Bly. I also, somewhat surprisingly, really enjoyed the biography about John Wayne. A great book to read for actors. As for films, I’ve enjoyed some older ones such as – A Place in the Sun, Naked, Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Splendor in the Grass. A couple bands I love right now are LOLAWOLF and LITTLE WOLVES..

What’s next for you after « Long Nights Short Mornings »?
I am hoping to make a move from LA to NYC and see what that brings!

Do you ever visit the site? If so, what’s your opinion about it?
I am so grateful for the support over these years and all the effort put into the site. I can’t believe you gather so much information! I also have to live with myself everyday so I don’t necessary want to see more about me but my Mom sure does!

Celebrating 5 Years Online!

Celebrating 5 Years Online!

Shiloh Fernandez Source has been online for 5 years as of today! A big milestone has been reached even though it feels like yesterday since I opened the site!

I have now been a fan of Shiloh for 6 years as I first saw him in Deadgirl and was right away drawn by his incredible performance! I couldn’t more proud to run a fansite to support the career of someone I respect and admire so much!

I would like to thank all the fans for visiting the site , my new Tumblr partner, Shiloh Fernandez Daily, my host Gertie for her incredible work and of course, Shiloh for your continued support!

Here to the next 5 years!

News: Bangs In My Chest

News: Bangs In My Chest

There’s finally some news about Julien Paolini short movie, Bangs In My Chest, starring Shiloh Fernandez and Ahna O’Reilly! The movie is completed and is waiting for Festivals and TV Channels for its broadcast! In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below as well as a few stills and the poster in the gallery! Huge thanks to Julien Paolini for allowing me to share the pictures!