Birthday Book

As you know, Shiloh’s birthday is on February 26. He’ll be turning 29 years old. For the occasion I decided once again to create a Birthday Book where you can post your messages.
If you have any questions you can contact me at or twitter (@ShilohFSource) and I’ll do my best to answer.

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6 Responses to “Shiloh Fernandez Birthday Project”


Hey Liz, sorry, my text is on your page :/ Could you put it to the next one or have I to do it again? If, please delete it.


Jan 22, 14 at 5:45 pm


No need to have it moved, it’s perfect where it is :)

Jan 22, 14 at 9:25 pm


Then I’m pacified :-)

Jan 23, 14 at 12:24 pm


Hi Liz, do you still know the song from the first Syrup Trailer? I thought you wrote it somewhere but I can’t find it back. Something from Grey’s Anatomy maybe, a woman sings it.

Jan 24, 14 at 5:44 pm


Yes, thank you very much! :-)

Jan 25, 14 at 1:13 pm


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