Awakening Skill on Dragon Nest – Good or Bad?

Awakening Skill on Dragon Nest – Good or Bad?

Awakening skill is updated by the developer for certain reasons. But unluckily, it didn’t release simultaneously which make the PVP totally unbalanced. However, as time goes by, the developer complete their own task to make all of the class gains their own Awakening Skill, except the spin-off class.

As September 2017, the developer already completed the Awakening skills for almost all class, except Lancea and Machina. I don’t know when they will awake, and I don’t also know whether they will got their own Awakening Skill or not. The worst scenario is they won’t!

But still, every decision was made by developer will produce pros and cons. For example, this awakening forced the player to use the class not freely. The developer seems want to make the player use the class properly using their own way. Even though every persons are unique, so they should have their own unique fighting style, but the awakening skill remove this uniqueness.

The writer from DyweiWorld also states it. He’s using the Gear Master class since level cap 70. His fighting style is summoning the mecha duck, two chainsaw towers, and one ice pump tower. But the awakening skill forced him to summon all of the towers, including turret and gatling gun tower, which is he usually don’t use them or don’t like them.

The player should follow the rule, because the Awakening skill never allowed the class to summon the same tower, despite the cool down of skill is very sort. If you want to know about his post, you can visit his blog that discussed about Dragon Nest awakening and its pros and cons.

Just like the second job specialization, to get the awakening skills, you have to take the quest first. The quest is really simple, but boring. You have to clear 8 dungeons in Merkha. But please note that don’t activate your ‘mercenaries’ system, because usually the mercenary will distract the process when you try get some items on quest. Which means you will fail.

For the quest is, like this: 1-3-2-4-1-3-2-5. The numbers represent the number of dungeon. Once again, don’t use the mercenary, especially when you visit the dungeon number 4. It’s because if the monsters are killed by your mercenary, you won’t get the item you need.

You can take the quest after your character reach level 90. If you want to make your character more badass, don’t forget to buy the awakening costumes. Surely, one set of the costume has great stats that will boost your damage.

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