Tips Before Buying a New Car

Before buying a new car, customers should seek diverse sources of information is accurate and do not hesitate to communicate with salespeople Nissan, needs, funding and sales programs ongoing, so that customers get a new car Nissan to offer the most competitive,” said Davy. BMW M5 2017

Hasil gambar untuk Tips memilih mobil baru
For customers who want to buy a new car, Nissan provides a number of guidelines, namely:

1. Identification Requirement Read reviews and specifications of the car you want to buy and compare it with the needs. Visit the official website or call NICOLE at number 14023 to get accurate information.

2. Visit and Perform Dealer Test Drive

Make an appointment with the salesperson and test drive Nissan Dealer. Test drive is the best way to feel the performance of Nissan cars. Use this opportunity to ask and consult with a salesperson Nissan.

3. Select Modes of Payment In accordance Capabilities

By using alternative financing a car on credit, the customer can set a variety of other purposes in order to stay on track. If you buy a car on credit, do not forget to make sure that the financial institution is a credible company and give a rational price. Nissan has been working with a trusted financial institutions that provide the best deals for handling purchases on credit.

4. Make sure the Service After Sales

Make sure the dealer is located near the place of residence or work, that will make it easier for service or periodic maintenance. Nissan has 121 dealerships in Indonesia which facilitate access to customers. In addition, the free service fee of up to 50,000 km / 4 years (whichever comes first) makes Nissan cars to 25% more economical in terms of maintenance.

5. Choose a Reliable Vehicle Insurance

Insurance helps reduce anxiety for unexpected expenses, for example due to collisions. Look for information about auto insurance provides peace of mind with a variety of reliable services. Ensure Sales Service Make sure the dealer is located near the place of residence or work, that

Specifications And Price Hyundai Avega 2017

Car is one of the needs of urban society in modern times. Try tough when you enter the streets of big cities, surely you can see all kinds of cars speeding on the streets. Of the various cars that exist, Hyundai avega also participate in enliven the streets of the capital. Hyundai Avega car is quite luxurious, but the manufacturer only sells it with a fairly affordable price. If you are curious about the specifications and price of hyundai avega 2017 car, you can listen to the complete information below.
Hyundai Avega Car Specs

Hyundai Avega 2017 exterior design looks very neat and attractive. The entire car body has indentations that make the car look very elegant. The curve was impressed unusual because if viewed at a glance such as sculptures of famous artists whose cool term better known by the name Fluidic Sculpture. With the Fluidic Sculpture, making the car that entered the ranks of the SUV car looks modern and futuristic. So, no one if you choose as a car Hyundai Avega 2017

Not complete if you only know the exterior design, without knowing the car interior design Hyundai Avega 2017. In order for passengers to feel comfortable in the car, arrangement in Hyundai car is very concerned. You also can use the car not only for a short trip, but also a long trip. Seat contrived as easily as possible so as to maximize passenger comfort. Andapun also set the cold in the car because the car is equipped with AC that has 4 levels of cold. Surely, with the cooler, the temperature of the car will be spread evenly throughout the cabin. read new cars info:

Hyundai Avega 2017 car performance also no longer need you doubt because Hyundai car is equipped with a reliable engine. The car dropped the option on a Gamma machine that has a capacity of 1.4 Valve. The tech DOHC engine has a maximum power of 108 ps / 630 rpm and maximum torque of 13.8 kgm / 5000 rpm. When you buy mobilpun, you will be presented with 2 options, manual with 5 acceleration

How to Prepare Your Car for Rainy Weather

Whether you are living in a rainy climate, have a big storm coming, or just want to be prepared for anything there are certain steps that should be taken to get your car rain ready. Unlike summer and winter, rainy weather does not require a lot of modifications to your car however, there are still a few things that you need to think about. According to a car article, some of the items that you should check prior to driving in a lot of rain include: checking your tire treads, testing your windshield wipers, checking your brake pads and fluid, and using water repellent protector on your windshield. In another article, it suggested that you prepare your car for rain by: getting your radiator coolant flushed, having your battery checked, making sure you have the correct type of tires, filling your windshield washer with fluid, and keeping a full gas tank. While rain by itself is not too dangerous (except when you hydroplane), depending upon the temperature, some rain can turn to freezing rain and ice.

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Spot the Difference: Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Frame

Spot the Difference: Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Frame

white car cargo carrier

When you head to the store to buy hitch mount cargo carrier, you will spot several types of frame. Observing them as a separated item of the car might make you confused: what is which? How are they different from each other? Learn more about the difference in function for each type.

  1. Tilted

This frame type is designed for those who need access to the rear door. Tilted frame is installed on the trailer hitch, and could be bent down. Without unloading your luggage, you could open the rear door easily.

Tilted frame has long and slender bar, which is not suitable to bring heavy luggage. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to the screws installed on the elbow. If it breaks, the luggage will automatically drops.

  1. Sway

Another option in the list you can choose, for those cars who rely heavily on the rear door. It is also installed on the trailer hitch, and could be pushed aside, providing rooms for the opening door. Remember to find wide space to park.

Just like tilted frame, sway type has slender arms and equipped with elbow. The difference is the elbow only moves to the right and left. Don’t forget to oil the joint bar.

  1. Fixed

This is the most common type, used by cars that allow access on the front doors only. Fixed frame is immovable and stick closely to the rear side of the car. This is why the rear door should always be closed during the trip.

Short and thick are the shape of fixed frame’s arm. It extends right under the carrier tray or basket. This position allows the hitch carrier to hold more luggage and weight.

To satisfy the costumers’ need, hitch carrier manufacturers create three types of frames. You can choose the one that fit your criteria. For example, if you need to open the rear door, then you have the tilted and sway frame. When you don’t need to open the rear door, then you are good to go with the fixed frame to support hitch mount cargo carrier.

External Factors Cause Car Burn.

External Factors Cause Car Burn.

The incident of burning cars while driving on the highway is still common. Not long ago on the freeway, allegedly due to problems with the electrical system or short circuit.

Electricity is a major factor when the car suddenly burned while going. In fact, it could also be caused by leakage in the fuel oil system (BBM), and so forth.

This is External Factors Cause Car Burn:

External factors cause car burn.

However, car owners also need to know external factors or beyond technical causes as above. Explained Anjar Rosjadi, Executive Coordinator Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), for example there is something left in the combustion chamber.

Electricity on the car is arguably one of the main things to note. Sometimes we often want to add car accessories related to electricity, for example adding lights and audio that is not in balance with the addition of electric power beyond the existing ones in the car.

Not only that, the other factor is “For example, a cloth or cloth that is flammable is left in place of the machine, which obviously can cause a fire, because the engine room is hot,” said Anjar to us via a short message on Monday (10/7/2017).

Anjar added, preferably after opening the hood make sure no more left behind. The cause of the fire, he continued could happen due to internal or external factors.

“But most are external factors like this, so it must be careful,” he said. Be a good car driver not to ignore the external factors on the car. Just a little ignore it will be a lot of things that will happen without us guessing and causing the car burned. Let’s raise your awareness as best you can. So let’s be careful again in bringing the car. Be sure to check the condition of the car both inside and outside.