Dragon Fruit Benefits for 9 Months Pregnant

The benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women and pregnant 9 months old and pregnant | You already know about the dragon fruit?

Dragon fruit is the fruit that comes from the cactus plant species. The fruit has skin like the scales of a dragon and a red and green.

The dragon fruit has many benefits and efficacy. In this article, we will deepen the discussion to the benefits for pregnant women, especially pregnant women and pregnant 9 months old.

Dragon Fruit Benefits For 9 Months Pregnant

You mothers who are pregnant or a husband with his wife and candidate attention his son should know about this.

Pregnant women need sufficient folate intake. Even fewer of our daily needs better.

So what is folate? Why dragon fruit? Why should the dragon fruit red or purple dragon fruit?

Here we explain one by one.

Folate For Pregnant Women

The benefits of dragon fruit to the young pregnant woman 9 months | Every man needs for his intake of folic acid. You need folate ranging from infants (even before the baby) and until you die.

Indeed, almost all of them so, including protein, carbohydrate, and protein. However, in the case of folate. Folic acid in Indonesian society based on existing research data that only a minority of its citizens who are aware of the fulfillment of folate daily.

The larger you are, the greater your daily folate requirement.

So, what is the use of folic

functions Folate

The benefits of dragon fruit to the young pregnant woman 9 months | Folate plays a role in the formation of cells, especially in the structure of DNA. So it has been aware of its importance. So our genetic information (which makes us like this) was very dependent on our folate intake.

DNA is damaged or diseased body means abnormality. One of the functions of folic acid for pregnant women is to her baby.

Neurological disorders are a neural tube or neural tube such as spina bifida can happen to your baby if you are a candidate folic acid deficiency.

Spina bifida is a neural tube abnormality in exactly in the spine of your baby. Will be visible swelling and deformities of the spine precisely on the nerve tube.

It would be fatal to your baby and can even cause death in infants (In many cases such a thing).

Besides what are the benefits of folate for pregnant women 9 months?

With folic acid replenish means you avoid the effects of folic acid deficiency during pregnancy.

The benefits of dragon fruit to the young pregnant woman 9 months | If there is a deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women 9 months may be anemia, headache, fatigue very, concentration is reduced due to severe headaches, heart felt pain, and shortness of breath are also common.

In addition, inflammation and ulcers in the mouth, lips and inside the mouth in pregnant women also are more likely.

Folate needs Pregnancy 9 Months

Maternal folate requirements by the US health authorities that more than 600 mcg.

Just a note to let you know exactly how much it is 600 mcg or 600 mcg how to get from food.

3 ounces or 85 grams of beef liver that contains folic acid for pregnant women 215. So 9 months requires 9 ounces or 255 grams of beef liver.

The benefits of dragon fruit to the young pregnant woman 9 months | Limitation of needs and intake of folic acid for pregnant women 9 months is 1000 mcg. However, your obstetrician may recommend more if you have twins or more.

So already know why you often feel dizzy and nauseated or even shortness of breath easily fatigued during pregnancy. Maybe you are deficient in folic acid.

Folate, Dragon Fruit and 9 Months Pregnant

So what about the red dragon fruit? What are the benefits of red dragon fruit for pregnant 9 months?

In this article, you can see the complete content of the red dragon fruit. Table Nutrition Red Dragon Fruit Pitaya.

You can see that the content of folate in the red dragon fruit was about 114 mg. It is very much to the red dragon fruit.

It is also good for fiber and other compositions that are good for detoxification and also improve the durability of pregnant women (see vitamin C, Calcium, and its Mg).

Dragon fruit is also an excellent source of antioxidants for maintaining maternal health 9 months prior to delivery of the baby.

Back to folate. Folate intake by 20 percent of the daily requirement of 9 months pregnant woman in the fruit easy to eat and tasty and refreshing.

So you just need to eat 5-6 dragon fruit to meet your daily needs. Or eat 3 dragon fruit and drink milk and eat vegetables, especially spinach and nuts or tofu are also allowed.

Disadvantages Dragon Fruit For 9 Months Pregnant

The benefits of dragon fruit to the young pregnant woman 9 months | Why there is a shortage? Make no mistake-well, this deficiency is only due to economic problems alone. Dragon fruit price in Indonesia is still quite expensive compared to the fulfillment of nutrition.

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