How Do You Build a Dream House?

To get the comfort in a house, sometimes you have to plunge yourself to build it from the bottom up.

That’s what Mike Basich, a professional snowboarder who built a small house and has been updated for the past 20 years.

So far, Basich has built four stationary houses and five small houses on wheels. His latest project, Mike’s Deamchaser, has a wood fireplace, a king-size bed, and a bathtub mounted on the floor.

1. Take inspiration from the journey

Spending his childhood by building tree houses and camping in the teepees, it just inspired his best ideas in building homes.

“With snowboarding, I travel a lot, you can see the beauty in different parts of the world and how people live,” he said.

Recently, on the way to Japan, he taught how to maximize space. Because many people in Japan live more efficiently than Americans.

2. Build a climate

At Mike’s Dreamchaser, you will not find a refrigerator. That’s not a drawback, but a design choice.

3. If planning to park in the city, wake up smaller

Consider the size of the parking lot when you want to build a small mobile home. Mike’s Dreamchaser is a little, expedition-style truck house, with a lower front cabin and larger back room for full customization.

4. Make some tools for various functions

Creative thinking can help you in changing some rooms as a multitasking space.

5. Master a small project before building

Before building a small house, build a dog house. Or, instead of starting from scratch, look for a trailer that you can remodel.

The more DIY projects (do it yourself) you create, the greater the potential mistakes and challenges you will face.

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