The Way to Find the Best Cruise Deals

The Way to Find the Best Cruise Deals
The Way to Find the Best Cruise Deals
The Way to Find the Best Cruise Deals

“Massive discounts on cruises were exposed as a con last week after major line Fred Olsen confessed it had not sold one cruise at full price for a year.”

A quote from the director of the line, Mike Rodwell:

“the enormous American operators began it and the remainder had to follow”

Another surprise. On the notebook page as this post were three ads

Search The Best Online Cruise Deals. Followed by:

And another:

The travel operators supporting those advertisements must believe the public is naive or stupid if they didn’t work, but they would not use them.

Also, these Google ads were run against a honest, although negative post about advertisements for cruises.

The public has been treated with disdain by travel operators and promotion businesses, not only by cruise lines and airlines but by all kinds of travel suppliers. What could be more misleading and false advertising their fares in headlines that shout out:


‘based on yield purchase, and all taxes, surcharges for fuel, surcharges for safety, checked baggage is additional, seat selection fees, and on and on and on.” And incidentally, have fuel surcharges?

Cruise prices and airfares but also contemplate resort pricing that requires investigation as regards the given discounts:

“75\% away! A rack-rate that is charged?

And, why do you get rooms at an internet reservation office than in the resort front desk if you’re in their reception and ready to reserve?

Next in line for pricing questions may be the packaged holiday marketplace. Many of them are sold in the brochure price? Or, as with the cruise line that is aforementioned, are packaged tour operators following the lead of others?

Not only is the people being mislead by advertisements and pricing practices but captured by a cruise line, airline or packaged resort operator they may be open to gouging whilst onboard aircraft the boat or hotel.

But for the onboard expenses of alcoholic drinks that ought to be at duty-free prices (i.e. cheaper than onshore). Extras, such as shore excursions may also be expensive when purchased using the net or onboard than ashore. With hotels which have booking agencies for activities. The prices are cheaper when bought directly from the operators or at pre-departure directly on the net. Airlines however, that are charging for all types of basic amenities from blankets, cushions, soft drinks and soon even water might not be free, have a more captive audience (the film, ConAir comes to mind) and will continue to be the most reviled area of the travel experience.

In 2009 rules for advertising standards will come into effect offering protection for travellers. We must expect that these rules will spread to the rest of the world with improvements to protect consumers globally.

In the travel sector. Where has the creativity and creativity gone? The followers understand.

Reduce the price from the commission which would have been paid to broker an agent or merchant and give the traveller a direct booking discount. This action could encourage travellers to create their direct reservations, resulting in more business and a competitive advantage .

Needless to say, the distribution channels need to be protected as consumers need help and support and as not everyone wants or has the net.

Travel providers do not show unique prices as this could lead to potential customers seeking advice at the level and booking directly to have a discounted price. It’s unfair for retailers to reduce their commissions when they’ve performed services for their customers.

Consumers on the other hand, if they don’t require expert advice or booking services, should have the chance to go directly to the source and receive a direct booking discount.

Originality and imagination has returned to the travel sector. Traveling providers are able to offer travellers a direct booking discount service using. With a site and the internet they are now able to reach out to the travel community, not only travel agency or traffic.

Any travel operator, by the smallest b&b into the grandest lodge or luxury tour, can supply this service. And, the discounted price doesn’t need to show on their sites.

The service is top with this initiative and now wishes to market the thousands of travel suppliers and other businesses and for that reason don’t have sales commissions. The operators of this voucher service imply that yields with greater quantities of direct booking discount travellers may achieve better yields.

Members of a new travel team can receive these vouchers free with membership and they can be purchased by non-members at deep discounts to their face values. There are covering travel in from b&b’s to experience and luxury tours.

The Club operators say companies don’t charge for listing their services so long as they engage in issuing vouchers allowing members to acquire direct booking discounts.

There are lots of directories linking the area of travel but this concept provides a directory with discounts on every travel selection if you’re willing and able to handle your travel bookings and arrangements directly with the operators.

The club operators understand that travel operators will continue to stick to the company style of Mike Rodwell of Fred Olsen Lines and will continue to follow instead of lead and it is not likely this travel club will represents them. They’re also conscious that there are independent travel companies that will realize that their business style of expanded selections and direct booking discounts is a method of offering travel directly to consumers around the globe.

A UK Chartered Accountant with over 40yrs of travel and more than 25yrs in the travel sector.

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